Whole-body motion planning for humanoid robots with heuristic search



The task of whole-body motion planning for humanoid robots is challenging due to its high-DOF nature, stability constraints, and the need for obstacle avoidance and movements that are efficient. Over the years, various approaches have been adopted to solve this problem such as bounding-box models and jacobian-based techniques. More commonly though, sampling-based algorithms are employed for this task since they perform admirably well in high-dimensional spaces. As an alternative, search-based planners offer improvements in terms of optimality and consistency of the solution. However, they are normally considered impractical for high-dimensional motion planning. In this paper, we present a heuristic search-based motion planning framework for humanoid robots that circumvents the drawbacks traditionally associated with search-based planners while catering to the specific requirements of humanoid motion planning. This is achieved primarily through a combination of informative yet computationally inexpensive heuristics, carefully crafted motion primitives as atomic actions, and a whole body inverse kinematics solver for achieving desired end effector orientations. The experimental results show the ability of our framework to perform complex motion planning tasks quickly and efficiently.

In International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Systems 2016
Ali Athar
Ali Athar
Computer Vision Researcher